A little info on me :)

Hello all! Thanks for coming to my blog, hpefully you like what you see and you subscribe :)! I’m guessing since you are here you want to know a little about me.
Well, I started this blog to share things that I come across that I believe are worth sharing. I love trying new recipes and hate when I go on some site and wonder is this really good or not? Should I make it? The answer if it’s on my blog is….YES! I won’t post anything I didn’t love.
I’m also on a journey of weight loss (story of our lives, right women?). I had my first child almost 4 months ago so I’m striving to get back to where I was prior. My husband and I have always been athletic so it made it an easier transition for me. We started doing paleo about 8 months ago and I recently started doing crossfit once I got the okay from my doctor. Crossfit is great for moms because the workouts are short and intense so easily done during a nap.
Everyone is on a journey of some sort and I hope my blog fits in somewhere in it. Whether you are trying to eat healthy, get workout ideas (hopefully you can get motivation from me if I can do it…well you know the rest), fun craft projects or just want some good food in your belly then this is the place :)! Thanks for reading about me and I hope you subscribe!


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