Phyllo Hazelnut Berry Bites

get-attachment (2)As I’m sitting down for the evening, I literally have a spoon in a jar of the hazelnut spread I used for this dessert. I think to myself if I only take small scoops out with the it’s not that bad…this is why I’m having trouble losing the last 6 lbs. from my baby boy.

I went to some kind of party, whether it be a baby shower or a birthday celebration, can’t recall now but someone had made this dessert. I’ve always loved Nutella. There’s a story my parents like to tell that entails me as a child hiding behind the shed getting down on some Nutella. I come inside and my mom asks if I was eating chocolate. I deny it of course. She then proceeds to take me to a mirror and I instantly start balling because the evidence is all over my face and I was caught in my fat lie.

Phyllo Hazelnut Berry Bites


  • 1 Package of phyllo mini cups (find them in the freezer section by the pie crusts)
  • 1 container of any kind of hazelnut spread
  • 15 Blackberries/Raspberries or however many phyllo cups come in the box you buy


  • Place cups on dish you are serving
  • Put about teaspoon into each cup, maybe a little less/more depending on your cup size.
  • Place berry on top
  • 🙂 that’s it, no more steps. How easy is that??



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