Creative way to use a jar…

thankyou Everyone has jars that they are going to recycle or possibly use for some kind of craft…well here’s a new idea! My jar that I’m showing was from almond butter but there’s all kind of different shapes that will be fun to use. I always keep my jars now, before I used to recycle them but now you never know when you might need one! I saw a small oval jar (looked like a jelly jar) that had one single cupcake in it. Maybe the person they were giving it to someone who was on a diet :/. I made my zucchini brownies (recipe under healthy/paleo desserts) for a friend who loved them that was moving away. I also made her a thank you card since she watched my dogs a couple of days before. This is a simple but nice gesture that is cheap and easy! You can go to town with different ways to spruce up your jar.


One thought on “Creative way to use a jar…

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