DIY Dry Erase Calender

I stumbled upon this idea (on pinterest of course) and thought it was so genius. In the past I’ve made my own calenders but it was for each month and it was time consuming! This calender literally took me about 30 minutes to do. The good thing about this is that you can change how it looks monthly if you wanted to go with the seasons or leave it how it is. Now you aren’t wasting paper you use the same glass month after month!


I bought this picture frame at wal-mart for $14.98 and it’s frame is 11×14. You can go smaller or bigger depending on how much you plan to write. I wanted a menu side so I bought mine a little bigger.


The calender strips itself is the paint samples at wal-mart. So while you are purchasing the frame go grab six paint samples you’d like to use. The circles are just punch outs of paper I had as well as my menu paper.

Finished product! Now I have my menu and to do’s in the same spot. Dry erase is such a genius idea, I suppose if you have toddlers you want to make sure it’s out of reach :)!


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